Alessio Longa

Client: San Benedetto S.p.A
Work: Packaging
Location: Milano
Date: 2020

Details: In 2019 Acqua Minerale San Benedetto S.p.A. commissioned naba's third-year Graphic Design & Art Direction students to design the new visual identity for the Peach and Lemon Tea cans. The request was to create proposals that referred to Italian style and fashion, which were elegant and refined. These proposals are born from the evolution of one of the solutions that we have proposed to San Benedetto.

The challenge: The typographic composition for this project was a great challenge and a goal to be accomplished, we have decoded to leverage this as a key element, in meeting the objectives set by the customer as we work in alignment with their brand repositioning process, introducing new treatments and premium languages for the category. The design challenge was therefore communicating the new essence of the brand, by creating an elegant and balanced typographic visual identity, inspired by the Italian fragrance and luxury world . It felt important to use Didot as we believe it is crucial to embody the spirit of the concept.

Role: Graphic Design, Art Direction
Team: Matteo Casiraghi, Tommaso Cogliati, Matteo Broggini

︎”Sleek Special Edition” 2020 selected cans design