Academic project
Work: Identity / Packaging
Location: Milano
Date: 2019

Le Roi Soleil (the sun king) is a Champagne brand inspired by the figure of King Louis XIV, a member of the Bourbon family and the 64th king of France.
The sun king was an important figure in French history and his kingdom holds the historical record for longevity. Setting political life aside, Louis XIV was also a great champagne lover, which is why we decided to focus the brand on the name of this historical figure.

The vine of Le Roi Soleil in “Champagne Ardenne” district of France, are direct descendants of Brézé castle’s ones, which grapes, during the 1600s, were used to produce king Louis’ most appreciated champagnes.

The peculiarity of the packaging is that placing side by side three champagne boxes is possible to see a graphic representing the map of the Versailles’ garden, the historic home of King Louis XVI.

Team: Matteo Broggini, Niccolò Campanini, Marco Bertinelli

︎Drupa TPP 2020 - Selected Feasability Project


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