Alessio Longa

Client: Turbostudio
Work: Editorial
Location: Milano
Date: 2020

Details: The idea of vacationing in some seaside resort, lazing under a beach umbrella has never even touched us. We always thought about journey as an opportunity to learn, discover, explore and even cultivate our passions. On this occasion, design and architecture were the common thread that united us: particularly the brutalist architecture and the poor architecture. Moved by the desire to discover something new concerning this matter, we came across Spomeniks, bizarre monuments in memory of the fallen of Second World War, scattered around today’s republics of that part of eastern Europe that was Jugoslavia.
Futuristic shapes a bit absurd, inspired by western art, but only made of poor materials, mainly raw concrete or metal: impossible to remain indifferent!

Role: Graphic Design, Art Direction
Photography: Ludovico Watson