Automa typeface

AUTOMA is a typeface born from the collaboration and desire to experiment of Matteo Casiraghi, Tommaso Cogliati and Alessio Longa.

Based on a modular structure, with a base grid of 100 px for the Regular variant and 140px for the Bold variant, it is inspired by the world of robotics and technological innovation. Although initially conceived as a display font, in the course of the design it proved to be suitable also for small/medium size body-copies, particularly in its Regular version.Although strict geometric rules have been followed, optical corrections have been made concerning some letters, and a meticulous kerning has been carried out to privilege readability and compactness in all its uses.

The Bold variant does not represent only a reworking of the Regular one, but it constitutes a new character that, while maintaining the same design criteria, stands out for the uniqueness of its elements.

Given its creative and scientific mood, AUTOMA TYPEFACE opens the vision to both experimental and conventional use, while not neglecting its disruptive nature.

Designed by: Matteo Casiraghi, Tommaso Cogliati, Alessio Longa
Published through: YouworkforthemReleased in 2020
Available: Regular (354 glyphs) | Regular Rounded (354 glyphs) | Bold (227 glyphs) | Bold rounded (227 glyphs)